JoinIndia Completes 23 years in IT Industry 1998-2021

Server Co-Location

JoinIndia Data Center is perfect for Web Hosting Companies, ISPs, Corporate or other web-based businesses who want to outsource all of their IT requirements to reduce cost and increase performance and reliability. Configuring, maintaining and operating a server farm or data center is a very costly and time consuming task. In today’s fierce economic climate, it’s a better use of a company’s human and financial resources to outsource their data center and web hosting needs to experts like JoinIndia rather than trying to maintain in-house IT staff and infrastructure. JoinIndia Data Center now allows you to effortlessly operate your web sites or customers in a complex web hosting environment custom engineered to your specific needs. With JoinIndia Data Center you never have to worry about monitoring your server for up-time, managing or optimizing your server’s reliability or configuring or upgrading your routers and networking gear – JoinIndia takes care of everything! We build, deploy, operate and provide technical support for your web servers, network infrastructure & clients.
Key Features:
Complete scalability to your growth (add additional web servers within 60 minutes
Hassle-free setup and operation
Highest level of security
Complete restricted access control
Direct toll-free technical support for each client you house in your Data Center
Personal account representative and direct answer toll-free support line
Redundant dedicated Internet connectivity instantly scalable as your demands grow
Custom-built Linux or Windows 2000 servers
Full server warranty
Gain access to millions of dollars in infrastructure (N+3 redundancy, diesel-powered generators, multiple power grids etc.
Complete server monitoring with instant notification by email, SMS.
Unlimited bandwidth capabilities
Carrier-Neutral facility
24 hour facilities coordinator on staff for build-outs and additional bandwidth installations
All exchange points and bandwidth carriers monitored 24 hours to ensure no service interruption to your facility
Complete daily, weekly, monthly and yearly port connection and bandwidth utilization reporting
Free primary and secondary DNS for each of your machines and domains
24 hour administrator on duty in case emergency maintenance is required
Closed-circuit video surveillance
24x7 unescorted access for authorized users
Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps), and GigE (1000 Mbps) handoffs available



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