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JoinIndia an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company Dedicated to Web Hosting / Domain Registration / Dedicated Servers / Web / Application Database Programming / Server Maintenance, Web based SMS, Phone2Email, Payment Gateway Services, Turn Key Projects, Project Consultancy, Intranet, Wide Area Network, Wi-Fi & Wi-Max Solutions, Document Management & Scanning Solutions, Call Center Infrastructure, Deployment, Mobile Application Provider, Management, Software, IT Solutions, Remote Infrastructure Support (Data Centre) & More.

In Hosting, we have Red Hat LINUX Enterprise V, Windows 2003 Standard & Web-Edition, MS-SQL Server, having complete Administrative Interface to manage Server, Domain, Email, SQL, etc. These servers are connected to our state of art NOC in USA is having Multiple OC192 (8.6 GBPS) InterNet backbone. In India, we have OC1 Connectivity. All Server Hardware have Intel Processors and Manufactured by IBM, HP & DELL state of art servers.

JITSL Network & System Operations: Our business is all about reliable, scalable performance. This is why we built our service Offerings around durable Hewlett Packard, DELL and IBM server platforms, utilizing Windows 2003, and Linux operating systems whether you choose JITSL to host your Website or to outsource your entire infrastructure needs, our strategically engineered network can fully support your mission-critical Internet OC192 internet backbone fiber: JITSL operates several networks and interconnects networks via BGP4 via CISCO 12000 GSR and JUNIPER routers. JITSL offers true multi-homed gigabit connectivity with gigabit connections to Level 3, Williams, Global Crossing, YIPES, and XO.

  JITSL has fiber to the PAIX and EQUINIX peering fabric and is located at: in Downtown Los Angeles - this is where AOL peers in LA and where you can cross connect to nearly any Provider. JITSL offers both quality network connectivity with private peering and offers low cost and reliable network connectivity.

Technology & Solution Partners: Concord, Foundry Networks, Macromedia, Miva, Microsoft, Network Associates, Openwave, RealNetworks, Red Hat, Sun, VeriSign, VERITAS, WebTrends & more.

Backbone Provider: Sprint, Cable & Wireless, WorldCom, McLeodUSA, Level 3, AT&T DATA CENTRE: JITSL: Data Centers are located in Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles and Miami, FL. We designed these centers for scalability, security, and technical superiority. By housing Thousands of shared and dedicated Web servers (and network infrastructure) in only three Locations, we are able to offer more extensive technical oversight of your server and by Extension, your business.
A team of certified technicians staffs each center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to manage and maintain your Internet solutions.

NETWORK OPERATIONS: JITSL's state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers incorporate Redundant hardware to enable high data transmission capacity. In addition, each data center features multiple Gigabit Ethernet connections to the Internet via diverse entries, diverse paths, and diverse Pops through four of the world’s leading IP transit carriers.

  SECURITY MANAGEMENT: The security of your network transmissions are of utmost Importance to JITSL. In addition, we have matched this priority with heavy investments in Network security designed to override service interruptions due to accidental or hacking Incidents. We offer a variety of scalable security solutions to fit your business needs and your budget.

Technology Implemented - Languages: Perl / CGI , PHP, JAVA, JSP, Servlets, ASP, ASP .NET, ColdFusion, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C & C++.

Databases: Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, MS Access & PostgreSQL .

Channels: Convergence of Channels email, Browser, Chat, Instant Messaging, Corporate Mail and MIS.

Operating Systems: Linux, & Windows 2003 Technologies: EJB, XML, JSP, WML, HTML/ DHTML, JavaScript, VB Script and native CTI interfaces. Tools: Web Logic, Web Sphere, Macromedia, Adobe and Visual Studio.

Guarantee - Stability - We have been successfully serving clients for over 11 years

Quality - We utilize the people, systems & tools to do the job.

Technical Skill - We have a full-time professional System Analysts, Programmers, and Database Experts and System Administrators.

Business Experience - Our US and Indian Development Centers are on fast trail of progress With experience of successfully implemented the projects.

We are IT enabled solutions company having own in-house infrastructure, Engineers, Programmers, web developers, skilled technical staff.

Kindly add us in your list of business associates.

Few of our company Websites:

  • www.JoinIndia.com

  • www.JoinIndia.in

  • www.Domains4Bulk.com

  • www.OnlineSMS.in

  • www.ccepay.in

JoinIndia Dedicated to Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Servers, Web Programming, Server
Maintenance, Turn Key Projects, Project Consultancy, Intranet, Wide Area Network & More..

In Hosting we have LINUX 7.2, WINDOWS 2000 Advance Server, MS-SQL Server, having complete Administrative Interface to manage Server, Domain, Email, SQL, etc. These servers are connected to our state of art NOC in USA is having OC192 InterNet backbone. All Server Hardware have Intel Processors and Manufactured by IBM & DELL state of art servers.

We have Dedicated Servers here in India at VSNL Data Centre. All our Services vary only in capacity and added features. Every Server & storage option/account has many free features, and wide variety of add-on features, such as enhanced storage and traffic allowances, and a Secure Server, are available to meet the special needs.

In Domain Registration we Register Online - Indian, International Domains.
(including new .biz .cc .us...)

On Linux Server we have all Software's, Programs Installed including PHP 4.3.2, MySQL 3.23.49, TOMCAT Servlet 3.3.1, JDK 1.4, JSP, Front Page 2002, Apache ASP, PLESK 5.0 hosting interface & much More....

On Windows 2000 Server we have all Software's, Programs Installed including ASP, PHP, Ms-SQL 2000, My-SQL, Servlets, JSP, IMail 7.0, Cold Fusion, JAVA, Perl, ASP Components: JMail, ASPUpload, ASPJpeg, Hosting Controller Interface, and much More....

Resellers have a benefit of Administer unlimited domains in his account and even he can setup domain himself without submitting any request for domain setup on the server. Full Administration on Resellers Finger tips.

We have total solution for E-Commerce, India's first and only workable
E-Commerce solution, E-Payment solution makes all Internet entrepreneurs worldwide securely accept all International & Indian Credit Cards, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB, CITIBANK, JCB, CITIBANK E-Card. Allows E-merchants who integrate their websites with it to accept payment from their customers by directly debiting any of their following online bank accounts at HDFC Bank, Citibank NRI Account, Citibank Current Account, Citibank Suvidha Account, Citibank E-CARDS And other ONLINE BANKING INTERFACES making transaction on net much easier for Indian entrepreneurs. All Rupee & Dollar Cards will be accepted. We will setup a payment gateway and merchant account and deposit the money in Indian Bank account, right here in India.

 JoinIndia where Technological Gaps are Bridged Effectively!

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